EZITREE Enhancement Information - v9.80 to v9.99  

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V9.80 - Major Changes and Improvements
First release.
V9.82 - 26 June 2007
GEDCOM Import, Export and Analysis - now appear in audit log when used to import or export records.
Name Index - added spouse and parent names to select list for easier identification
V9.84 - 9 July 2007
The Web Family History function now has alternate name spellings in the index to allow a search for example of a female by her married name.
The backup and restore function was re-written to improved its functionality and make it more logical and user friendly. Backup to  CD/DVD directly from inside EZITREE running on Vista is still not supported however this is being actively pursued and a resolution is expected shortly.
The child numbers and 'plus' sign (to indicate additional data) have been returned to the Descendants Narrative Chart.
V9.85 - 21 July 2007
When using 'Repeat Sources' an new option has been added to allow images, notes and text from previous source to be used.  These are normally not carried forward to the new repeated source.
Improved the Statistics by adding count of causes of death, residences and witnesses, together with other layout improvements.
Minor bug fixes to Family Group Chart and Biographies
V9.86 - 22 July 2007
Bug fix to Relationship Finder when looking for relationships in a family group.
V9.87 - 23 July 2007
Bug fix to Sources Output and additional improvements to Statistics.
V9.88 - 25 July 2007
Improvements to finding lost images (i.e. broken links).
Improved the Relationships Finder to show "g-g-g-grand father" instead of "third great great great..."
V9.89 - 29 July 2007
Added the record number of the current person to their name as displayed in the data view.
With web output, suppressed marriage details in the event list if the spouse is still living.
Added the life span to names displayed in the Ancestor view of Gedcom Analysis.
Fixed Gedcom export where descendants are selected, and a second or subsequent marriage was not included in the file.
V9.90 -  12 Aug 2007
Added check of spouse and parent names during integrity check and several minor bug fixes
V9.91 -  16 Aug 2007
Added option to set custom fonts for image captions in family tree book.
Fixed closure bug in chart options and added check of name variation for person and father in Integrity Report
V9.92 -  18 Aug 2007
Fixed 'Gedcom' button not working on 'Files Location' tab of Defaults window and several cosmetic fixes to Family Tree Book sections.
V9.98 -  2 Sep 2007
Fixed problems with: spouse 'other names' wrongly appearing in Family View, image caption fonts, multiple marriages between the two same persons, chart options not being saved, backup reminder message incorrectly appearing, some fields still displayed in bold when turned off, error when invalid file imported into memo, conversion where 'etvarbls.mem' file in wrong location and gender not set when linking natural and adopted children.
Change to ensure birth parent names included when new event added if not an adoption.
Added option under 'Defaults' to turn display of 'Age Today' on and off.
V9.99 -  5 Sep 2007
Fixed quick source which allowed empty source title to be created, in addition to issues with custom report titles and backup to floppy disks which caused program termination.
Added 'Rename' button to media window to allow for files to be renamed from inside of Ezitree.

Note that the above list contains enhancements only with bug fixes not shown.  Please contact us if you have a problem using Ezitree or you want to know if a bug you have found has been fixed.

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