EZITREE Enhancement Information - v8.0 to v8.60

Version 8.60 – 12 January 2004

Event Notes – Added option to suppress text using double hashes (##) in the same manner as the memos.  This also involved adding new options to the Event Chronology, Family Group, Ancestors Narrative and Descendants Narrative Charts. Also added option to suppress the double hashes (##) in GEDCOM export files and changed the Web Page program to ensure that the notes were suppressed along with memos if required.  A number of other minor fixes have also been made.

Version 8.58 – 12 December 2003

Bookmarks  – Added icon to toolbar to allow easier access to Bookmarks window.  GEDCOM Export – Selecting persons by Family Group now supports Relationships and children recorded with only one parent.  GEDCOM Import – Added an option to create ‘missing’ parent records or link a child to a single parent without creating the other parent record.  Improved import of source records to better identify existing Repositories and Source Items.    Find Text – Multimedia List – Images from Source Items and Details as well as the Family Tree Book are now included in this list.

Version 8.51 –3 November 2003

Addresses – Removed address line 3 and replaced it with fields for state and country on both home and mail addresses.

Version 8.48 –25 October 2003

Images – Replaced aging T-Base image software with new Image Viewer based on MS GDI+.  Images are now clearer and faster to view.  Also, printing of the image is now directly available from the main image display window together with better form resizing facilities.

Version 8.47 –20 October 2003

Event View – Added <Details> pushbutton to <Event> (Details) view option to show full Citation of all related sources to an event.

v8.45 – 14 October 2003

Event Notes – Changed the two 60 character note fields into one ‘unlimited’ memo-like field. HTML or Web Page Creation – Fixed some minor problems that caused inconsistent results when the ‘privacy’ option was used.  Family Tree Book - Biography Creator – Changed the processing to add Memos so that they are inserted at the cursor point and not just appended to the end.

v8.43 – 30 September 2003
Family Tree Book Option - Removed borders from around the images. Event Chronology Chart – Fixed problem causing spurious blank tags for Source, Witnesses, etc, to appear when none exist.  GEDCOM Export File - Fixed problem causing date, place and other information about marriages to be omitted.   GEDCOM Import and Export Files – Relationship entries now exported and imported based around the TYPE tag on the family entry showing ‘Common Law’.  Add New File – Added a new button that allows a file to be created and opened as one process.  Checking Duplicate Entries – Set a counter to only check duplicates if there are at least 10 entries in the file
v8.42 – 12 September 2003
Family Tree Book Option - Added new optional section for book users to return new and updated family information to the author.  Also, adjusted length of caption of full page image to prevent it locking up with long captions.  Captions are now limited to 200 characters.  
v8.41 – 31 August  2003
Family Tree Book Option - A major enhancement to EZITREE to allow for the creation of 'Books' from inside of EZITREE. See the Instruction Manual for full details. Printing - Multiple printers on a network now supported so that the default Windows printer can be overridden.  
v8.40 – 29 May 2003
Help Pushbuttons To make it more visible and useable, a Help push button has been added to every window that has help available. Displaying Images - The displaying of images has been improved with the ability to resize images as large as the desktop.  There has also been a resize dropdown combo box added which allows for resizing up to 400% with scroll bars added for oversize images on small screens. Broken Multimedia Links - If a multimedia item is found with a broken link, you will now be prompted to locate the item and re-link it in the new position.  Also, you can have all multimedia items with broken links to the same path re-linked to the new location if required.  Changing Events and Linking - This whole section has been re-written to improve its appearance, make it simpler and make the changes more intuitive. This is the biggest change to have taken place.    Page Setup - The ‘File’ tab has been removed and placed into the ‘File’ push button.  A new dialogue will now open and display the file options available. EZITREE will now output ALL charts and reports to the following file formats - DOC - Microsoft Word Document format - requires Microsoft Word 2000 or later. RTF - Rich Text Format - requires Microsoft Word 2000 or later. PDF - Portable Document Format - no special software required to generate the file, although Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to read the output files.  This is freely available from the Internet. HTML - Hyper Text Markup Language format - no special software required to generate the file, although an internet browser such as MS Internet explorer is required to read the output files.  This is freely available from Microsoft. TXT - ASCII Text format.  This is plain text format without any formatting applied.  It is unusable except in the most basic situations.   Tabular Descendants Chart - Dates and Places - A new option has been added so that you can suppress dates and/or places.  This may be useful with sensitive information or when you want to limit the amount of information being forwarded in response to dates and places missing from charts that you receive.  Five Line Chart - The five line chart now has the facility to create charts with images adjacent to the text referring to those people.  Unlinked People - This is a new option under ‘Lists’ which gives a report of all persons not linked to a spouse or parent/child.     Name List - This is a new option under ‘Lists’ which gives a report of persons with their name variations.  You may output all records, records within a number range or records showing a particular placename.  Options to set the type of data output and output sequence are also available.    Academic Sources - This option improves on the existing References field and allows for multiple sources to be recorded for one event.  An option is provided for converting from your old EZITREE Reference field.  Academic sources are the modern way of identifying the sources of information and allows for more information to be recorded.  EZITREE supports multiple sources for the events of individuals which is a vast improvement over the current 60 character field.   Relationships - Added additional indirect relationships when calculating in-laws and step relations  Indexes on Charts and Reports - Indexes of names such as that which is available on the Tabular Descendants Chart, have been improved with the addition of the ALL names a person was know by in the index.  Eg maiden and married names.   Recent Changes - Added more information in the ‘Logging’ tab of the ‘Defaults’ dialogue under the ‘Utilities’ menu item.  This now shows details of the last person added, when an event was added or changed, when a new child was added and a new spouse was added.
v8.35 – 8 Apr 2002
Addresses – Added a third address line for home and mailing addresses.  Also added provision for recording  mobile telephone numbers and expanded the e-mail address area to 80 characters.Opening and Closing Files – Enhanced the process that remembered the last record number to included the file name so that swapping between files now repositions the file at the record it was last opened. 
v8.32 - 30 Jan 2002
Installation and Upgrading - Implemented a new installation program – InstallShield – to bypass some XP installation issues.
v8.30 - 18 Oct 2001
GEDCOM – Added new option under ‘Utilities’ called GEDCOM Analyze. This option allows GEDCOM files to be viewed, searched and matched to your data from inside of EZITREE. This arose from a need to provide tools to check the ever-increasing number of GEDCOM files appearing on the internet. Backup – Added 10 generation automatic backup to the hard disk drive when a standard backup is performed. The decision to do this arose from knowing that many people still don’t have a good backup strategy. Storage space should be minimal as the backup is compressed. 
v8.27 – 23 Sep 2001
EZITREE Charts – Made changes to all charts and reports to increase the size of the left margin from generally one-centimeter to 1.5 centimeters (.6 inches) to allow better opportunity to bind charts.
v8.25 – 1 Sep 2001
Multiple Copies of EZITREE – Added option in Defaults to add the pathname into the Window Title. This will allow a second copy of EZITREE to be opened provided the program is in a different directory. Event Chronology Chart – Added option in Defaults to include occupations and exclude the automatic display of Silver and Golden Wedding Anniversaries.
v8.24 – 22 Aug 2001
GEDCOM Import – Added option to check if records already exist in EZITREE. There is also an option to use the existing record in the EZITREE file instead of the duplicate GEDCOM record.
v8.23 – 6 Jul 2001
GEDCOM Import – Changed processing to handle 60 character place names in the import file.
v8.22 – 3 Jul 2001
Place Names – Increased length to 60 characters for persons and world events.
v8.21 – 10 Jun 2001
Event View – Added <Events> pushbutton to main window to prompt the use of the Event details. Event Details – Added the ability to show/play multimedia items attached to events.
v8.18 – 16 Apr 2001
Memos – The way that ‘selected text’ in memos worked in the past has been reversed. The ‘selected text’ now refers to the text that will be hidden, and not the text that will be displayed. This makes more sense because only a small number of memos are likely to have text needing suppression, hence only those ones need to be specially noted. Otherwise, it becomes an onerous task to change all existing memos to indicate the text to be displayed. This change is in variance to any EZITREE manual dated prior to 17th March 2001.
v8.13 – 22 Nov 2000
Charts – Added an option to allow first and last names on charts to be reversed for persons where the local culture deems that to be the normal format for a person’s name.
v8.10 – 25 Jul 2000
Charts – Added HTML output option to Family Group Charts. This HTML output can be sent as e-mail attachments, copied onto the Internet or loaded into Microsoft Word. Multimedia – Removed the restriction on using Windows long filenames.
v8.07 – 09 Jun 2000
Charts – Added HTML output option to Listing Ancestors, Narrative Ancestors, Narrative Descendants, Tabular Descendants and Event Chronology Charts. This HTML output can be sent as e-mail attachments, copied onto the Internet or loaded into Microsoft Word.
v8.06 – 04 Jun 2000
EZITREE Internet Output – Added <Browse> push button to allow HTML output from EZITREE to be viewed from an Internet Browser.
v8.03 – 9 May 2000
Web Publishing – Added new option to output family data to HTML files suitable for web publishing. Refer to the on-line help for further details.

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