EZITREE Enhancement Information since v12.00    

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v12.00 - v12.01   14 July 2010 - 18 July 2010

New Release: 

Fixes: Adoption of Parents now creating adoption event; stopped additional source records appearing with single event sentence; improved updating of ages with grafting events and merging records; improved handling of spouse/partner names with unlinked marriages/relationships (v12.01).

v12.02  27 Aug 2010
Enhancements: Added FH Book Images to Linked Images List; added [Select] navigation button on duplicates window; Descriptions (of persons: height, weight, etc) window revamped and updated; Descriptions now available in Family Group Narrative Chart; 'Record' menu now opened up for easier use of Data-Only version of Ezitree.  Fixes: Name Changes; Linked and Unlinked Images; Duplicate Records; Gedcom Import and export; Multimedia; Event View; Spouse Names in Data View; Biography Creator; Descriptions. 
v12.04  21 Oct 2010
Enhancements: 1. Place Names: Added new Place Name function to display and allow edit of placenames in all files.   2. Burial Details: Added Burial Details functionality to Burial events so that the details such as Location, Area, Section, Row and No of grave sites may be entered, together with an indication of a burial or ashes.   3. Multimedia: Improved the linking of images to other persons, by showing a list of ALL linker persons. All Captions and Notes can be simultaneously updated for a linked image. The Album window now displays Notes as well as Captions, and Multimedia confirmation messages now have a thumbnail image.  4. Fixes: Many cosmetic fixes to improve performance and stability.
v12.05  19 May 2012
Enhancements: 1. Family Tree Book: Added option to preview a selected section/chapter rather than the whole book. 2. Cause of Death Chart: New 'Birth Brief' chart showing the cause of death of direct ancestors. 3. Grafting Events: Added option to graft an event to multiple persons including all members of a family. 4. Place Name List: Added print and search options, and facility to display person with a place in another datafile. 5. Data Input: Added 'pop-up' list of high usage codes. 6. Source Usage Option: Added thumbnail of source image. 7. Relationship Charts: Added life year span. 8. Linked Witnesses: Added occupation and improved sentence structure. 

Note that the above list contains enhancements only with bug fixes not shown.  Please contact us if you have a problem using Ezitree or you want to know if a bug you have found has been fixed.

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