EZITREE Enhancement Information since v11.00    

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v11.00 to v11.04   27 Sep 2009 - 20 Nov 2009

New Features: added extra length to import file line to allow for max 254 bytes of data in Gedcom import (11.00); added message advising if dates & places suppressed for living persons in Gedcom export (11.00); Improved the setting of female last names when adding & changing events in Event Update (11.00); Improved the display of images to auto-resize and fill the screen (11.00); Disabled 'Open' button on Source Details in Event Details if none entered (11.00); Added 'Clear All' button to empty search criteria fields in Find Basic (11.01); Improved suppression of empty fields eg religion, cause of death, occupation in Webpage Maker (11.01); added separate details for Compiler name & address in gedcom export, web page & print setup (11.01); improved button order by putting 'Select' first and 'Usage' fifth in Sources Repository (11.02); Double click an item in the list selects it for 'Edit' in Sources Usage (11.02); Added a 'Delete' button to allow deletion of Source Details in Sources Usage (11.02); improved the cursor focus and positioning of current record in Sources List (11.02); Swapped Original Text with Notes as more likely to be used in Source Details (11.02); Forced Audit Log Size to be at least 9999 every time (11.03); Extended length of data in marriages list to prevent truncation in Quick Children (11.03); entry now added to audit log when Source Item is changed (11.04).

Fixes: fixed <Retrieve> button for Saving layout not being enabled after first set in Custom Report (11.00); Fixed 'Replicate' button to add birth/death details for new person in Research Diary (11.00);Fixed Repository and Source not retained in 'Replicate' in Research Diary (11.00); Fixed incorrect sorting by year, last and first names in Results List (11.00); added 'select esources' in pbSearch to prevent error & correct file open in Quick Sources (11.00); Set Audit File open on startup and in Exclusive mode to prevent corruption (11.00); reduced length of data in list to prevent errors with excess data in Source Items Lists (11.01); Sequence now saved separately for each type of Repeat Data Sequence (11.01); Fixed issue of 'Select' buttons being disabled in Defaults - File Locations (11.02); Fixed startup error if no data file found (11.02); Fixed Filter using 'Mailing' flag not working for Address & Labels Output (11.02); Fixed sorting sequence not working in Address Output (11.02); Fixed thumbnail image not appearing after being linked in Source Details (11.02); Prevented duplicate Source Title being added with 'Change' in Source Items List (11.03); changes to ensure name lengths are not exceeded in Select Line of Descent (11.03); Fixed problem which renamed the wrong item following a change in Source Items (11.04); Fixed problem of Maintain from Quick Sources positioned at wrong record in Source Items (11.04).

v11.05 to v11.08   27 Nov 2009 - 13 Feb 2010

New Features: reset intro sections, eg preface, etc, to be full width in Family Tree Book (11.05); improved handling of Deleting Persons & Events function especially in name index (11.05); Increased name len from 30 > 60 bytes to stop name truncationin Line of Descent Rpt (11.06); Improved default of witness names using name at date of linked event (11.06); added new Family Register Chart (11.06); added spouse names to titles of all family group charts, where required in Family Tree Book (11.06); increased width of details field in Name Index from 100 to 250 bytes & added death date (11.07); improved the use of the Alt Key combination on Main Window to work the menu & click buttons (11.07); Added current seq order to [Index] button tool tip (11.08); Increased field length to reduce data truncation of Line of Descent Chart (11.08).

Fixes: increased size of page number field to handle possible truncation on PDF reports (11.05); Fix tab issues causing pgr lockup if [Repeat] button clicked in name fields in Event Update (11.06); Fixed Titles wrongly dropping round brackets in Family Tree Book (11.06); fixed Select Button font not correct on Event Details form resize (11.08); Ensured correct report header/footer appears with previously charts of Line of Descent Chart (11.08); Fixed duplicated death year of parent when burial year but birth year  on Offspring list (11.08); Fixed Spouse button disabled when linked spouse records missing in Event View (11.08); fixed message saying person is deceased when no death event in Linking Witnesses (11.08).

v11.09 to v11.12   9 Mar 2010 to - 14 Jul 2010
New Features: v11.10: Added image thumbnail viewer to Event Details; added pathname to backup files; removed Relationship names from 'Other Names' list. v11.11: Added [Add New] button to Repeat Sources to allow direct adding of source if not in repeat list; added [View] button to Previous Records window to allow perusal of person details prior to selection. v11.12: Added Defaults option to control end of field sound indicator; changed 'Set Case' radio buttons to be local to each window rather than global; added [Make Folder] button and functionality to Quick Sources window; added prompt to Name Change when gender changed to unknown; added new Menu item of Images with sub-menu options of 'Linked Images', 'Missing Images' and 'Unlinked Images' to better manage images; added source details to children & sibling birth and deaths in Biography maker; upgraded to v12.9 of XFRX Report Viewer; upgraded Ancestors Charts (portrait and landscape modes) to provide more information where truncation of places occurred.

Fixes: v11.09: Improved display of married women's default/suggested family names; fixed Family Group Chart display of 'Bur:' incorrectly or out of order. v11.10: Fixed issue of Restore from backup on Startup; fixed Linked Witness issue where name had round brackets "(" or ")". v11.11: Added improvements to Biographies; improvements to GEDCOM importing; in Event View, removed spaces between last name and record number if first name not entered; removed duplicate names in Browse View; fixed GEDCOOM Export issue of missing children from Ancestors and Family Group report. v11.12: Improved Biographies for children events > 100 years after main person; fix to Line of Descent Chart if record deleted; fixed incorrect display of Media properties; fixed buttons disabled when cancelled from adding new event in 'Change'; changed unlimited Title field to 100 characters for Source Items; fixed Booklist to ensure record numbers are correctly formatted; fixed Descendants Narrative Chart dropping pages due to invalid record number.

Note that the above list contains enhancements only with bug fixes not shown.  Please contact us if you have a problem using Ezitree or you want to know if a bug you have found has been fixed.

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Last Updated 18 July 2010

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