EZITREE Enhancement Information since v10.00   

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v10.00 to v10.04   19 Sep 2007
Fixed <State> button not returning values from Quick Children input window; Fixed issues with Backup log, GEDCOM export when 'Hide Private' option selected, and <Foreign> button not disabled when outside of editing; Improved display of child's default 'family' name when added from the mother's record; Fixed <Output> button not enabled when no selection text displayed; Improved merging of Sources to enable all events to be selected when updating Source Details.
v10.05 to 10.13   26 Sep 2007 - 31 Oct 2007
Fixed Event Chronology Chart not showing events after death; Fixed Family Tree Book not showing image captions due to introduction of Caption fonts - see also FAQ #24 (10.05); Fixed cause of death missing from Event Chronology Chart, removed risk of name change leaving blank last name, added check for Source file during conversion and improved web page make to use 'display' name and include options to suppress deceased persons after cut-off year and added option to 'set' text of hidden data (10.06); Added count of persons to file manager, changed name in Event View to be display name, better folder location with missing images, and fixed wrong message displayed when death year changed to lower value (10.07); 
v10.08 to v10.13     31 Oct 2007 - 3 Dec 2007
Minor changes and fixes to Contacts, Drop Line Descendants Chart, Toolbar, Family Tree Book, Biographies and Chart Options; Family Tree Book - Added: 'blank page' option, alternative style of Table of Contents, option to exclude date in header/footer & increased length of Section Names from 40 to 60 characters; Sources Merge - Provided better repositioning when merging many similar sources; Restore from Backup - Remove confusing spurious message about overwriting backup file in "c:\etwplus\etwtemp\etpbkup.zip"; Family Group Chart - added option to include step children RT 
v10.14 to v10.20    3 Dec 2007
Web page generation new option to re-use previously generated record.  Added 'Tool Tips' to Link button for spouses, etc. Added print option for Source Items. Improved handling of multiple marriages to the same person. Added birth dates and places to lists of adopted children. Made relationship text selectable for copy and paste from Relationship Finder. Added new style of Family Group Chart. Moved event name in Event Details window to tabbed area to prevent MS Vista issues. Improved Integrity Report processing with new validation options.
v10.21 to v10.30     9 Feb 2008
Upgraded to latest version of report preview software to fix spurious blank lines. Added button to allow jump to linked witness and spouse records. Implemented new Backup function to CD and DVD media which now works with MS Windows XP and Vista. 
v10.31 to v10.40  13 Feb- 5 March  2008

Problems Fixed: Research Diary error if no records are present. Wrong spouse name on same linked witnesses. Several issues with Event View.

New Features: Added relationships and facility to change linked date on linked witnesses. Improved display of State codes with new sort sequence. Media item caption field now longer. Birth & Death of Children and spouses now in Event View. Improved processing of duplicate records. Added 'Goto' button on global search and replace.

v10.41 to  v10.50  5 Mar - 31 Mar 2008

Problems Fixed: Fixed spouse and parent names displayed wrongly. Fixed wrong count of siblings in marriage display. Fixed marriage age not being set when marriage date entered on spouse. Fixed File Locations buttons not accessible.  Fixed error when clicking audio button. Fixed problem with record list filter caused by connector 'AND/OR' not removed. Fixed error with missing images caused by v10.46 change. Fixed issues with some Windows XP users not being able to backup to CD due to Microsoft version issue.

New Features: Improved name formatting of 7 gen ancestors charts. Duplicate processing - further improvements to help id duplicates - added names and life spans to auto find. Minor improvements to gedcom analysis duplicates. Added display of children where no marriage or relationship exists in Family View. Improved Family Group Chart which data formatting. Added option to suppress occupation from notes field in gedcom export. Further improvements to sentence structures in Biographies. Added option to charts to include both birth and display names. Added count to marriages & relationships in event view.

v10.51 to  v10.60 31 Mar - 25 Aug 2008

Problems Fixed: Fixed wrong parents shown on adoption in Event View and added 'Update' button to directly update selected event. Stopped duplicate entries in Biographical Dictionary due to multiple marriages. Fixed random problem when converting from previous version. Fixes Research Diary issues of empty file and no sources selected. Fixed several Biography issues including 'about' prefix and punctuation. Fixed Multimedia issues of 'Unique Images' button not removing duplicates, incorrect captions shown for Source items and ensured correct 'Image Folder Path' created for persons without a birth year. Fixed '(Adopted)' repeated incorrectly after adopted child on Descendants Charts.

New Features: Research Diary now positions to current record. Added 'Amend' button to biography preview for direct update to sentence structure. With data Backup, improved selection and performance plus added RAM disk selection and limited autobackups to less than 31. Improved multimedia by enabling "Album' button for Source Images. Improved Codes Usage Report by removing redundant text and improved sort sequence. Name Change improved with better message on gender change to 'Unknown'. Improved handling of children where a person is married twice to the same spouse and improved offspring and sibling display with more details. Added Tool Tips to Event details window and Event Sentence Preview button. Improved the display of the Spouse button for Marriages and relationships. Added display of one parent children to Lineage View.

v10.61 -to v10.72   26 Aug - 23 Oct 2008

Problems Fixed: Gedcom import single record where family tag has a source; delete of multiple marriage event unlinked all spouses and children; improved setting of 'Save' button in event update; fixed double click of Gedcom duplicate record not selected that record to bypass; fixed a renumbering issue and several out of range problems; improved handling of private records; fixed renumbering problem when no book has been created; fixed border distortion and loss of title in Vista Aero in several windows; fixed data input problem when adding spouse's parents; fixed some button unavailable after selection 'Previous Records' from menu; improved backups; fixed audio files not working; stopped error when a second copy of Ezitree is started from desktop; prevented duplicate sources appearing on charts; fixed selective Gedcom import losing data where marriage sources are present.

New Features: Added spouse names to marriage, etc, events in Change list; under Page Setup added option to keep header and footer fonts in sync for charts and family tree  book; added option in charts option to select other than current person to output and save list of last 25 primary persons used in charts; added option to select portion of compilers details for chart footer (not just all details); improved record number format in family tree book charts; added new option to change the record number of one person; added option in narrative ancestors to include memos, notes and home addresses; added 'Select All' and 'Unselect All' buttons to Gedcom duplicates list; many improvements to biography sentence structures; added option to view Ezitree data records from Gedcom analysis windows; added option to selected 'unmatched' Gedcom records; added option to include spouse's parents in Gedcom export file; new option to import the descendants of a person from a Gedcom file and select the number of generations to import; option to view the descendants of a person in a Gedcom file.

v10.73 to  v10.88   26 Oct 2008 - 4 Apr 2009

Problems Fixed: backup – improved handling of valid drive/space/etc when backing up to RAM disks (10.82 and 10.85); biographies – fixed first names ending in ‘s’ to punctuate better eg "James's age" to "James' age" (10.81); biographies – also changed text of spouse death sentence to read better when spouse re-marries HF (10.80); change window - fixed truncation when date spacing selected, eg "12 Jan 1869" (10.86); charts - ancestors - 7 gen - fixed duplication of record numbers when this option selected (10.81); charts - ancestors - 7/8 gen - stopped spurious date appearing in spouse area for unmarried persons (10.81); charts - ancestors narrative chart - fixed error when selecting spouse memo (10.73); charts - Biographical Descendants - enabled one parent children option (10.78); charts - Drop Line - fixed 'star' dates issue causing incorrect word wrapping in boxes and enabled one parent children option (10.78); charts - family group - added option to exclude religion & fixed occupation option not working and fixed error if both dates and places excluded (10.80); charts - family tree book - fixed deleting and renaming a file not doing same to files in the Family Tree Book and missing caption on images due to not being set when section added (10.83); charts - family tree book - fixed problem which randomly shortened section names longer than 40 char (10.84); custom report header - fixed crash bug when adding new report header (10.75); defaults - fixed file locations not working (10.78); delete - fixed deleting a person who is mother of a person not removing details from child (10.74); duplicates - fixed event details error when not merging death event and 'swap all' error when clicked (10.81); events details - fixed deleting a bad source detail (no Source Item) causes a error (10.84); gedcom analysis import - fixed descendants import option not visible (10.73); gender coding - fixed default codes file not updated when person added using 'New' button (10.88); memo - export - fixed problem of default memo location which may not exist (10.78); multimedia - removed pointless confirmation messages (10.81 and 10.84); multimedia - rename - fixed file access error when coming from Event Details and renamed files now update source images (10.74); name list and cause of death - changed field lengths to prevent data truncation (10.76); name/recno index - fixed entries appearing in alpha order after 'View' with recno index and superfluous entries with long names appearing in selection window (10.84); personal details - fixed error when opening window (10.78); renumbering - fixed error if renumbering more than once due to file in use (10.76); restore - removed pointless message during restore saying no previous backup done (10.80); results window - disabled 5th button of sort options when only 4 buttons are required (10.84); set case - if set case is on, " NSW " and " ACT " are left and not changed to mixed case (10.81); siblings - fixed error if mother but no father (10.79); siblings - fixed error when there are no children to parents of adopted child (10.81); siblings - fixed mother repeated in place of father when father married more than once (10.86); source output - stopped duplication of entries when all records selected and no sources (10.81); source output options - fixed incorrect field length resulting in incorrect records selected (10.80); sources - unlinked - disabled search buttons when not in use to prevent error if clicked (10.78).

New Features: Added ‘Save’ option for selection from charts icon (10.79); added new 'Open' button for source details & renamed Multimedia the same in event details (10.79); in event details, sources - double click item in list will open source detail window (10.81); event details, sources - image path now appears in lower case to reduce size (10.81); improved sorting of 'before', 'circa' and 'after' dates in event lists (10.82); search for Multimedia in Find Advanced now includes filenames (but not path names) (10.81); funeral events will now mimic deaths, burial & cremations by setting names & dates when adding new events (10.80); a 'Names...' option has been added to the 'Record' menu pad for quicker access to name changes (10.81); resizing of forms has been improved with fonts in certain lists (10.88); a new option added to show or hide step-siblings (10.86); a ‘Thumbnail' option has been added to source output  to include small image of sources in output (10.80).

v10.89 to  v10.99   4 Apr 2009 - 29 Jul 2009

Problems Fixed: Fixed incorrect data in source and repository fields of Research Diary (10.89); fixed error when importing non-structured sources (10.91); fixed video & audio files not playing from album (10.94); removed incorrect message when 'Open' Source Details from Event Window (10.96); fixed problem of chart headings in family tree book disappearing (10.98); added missing parent marriage details in Quick Children from above child birth details (10.98).

New Features: Improved handling of Mc and Mac names (10.89); increased length of occupation field in codes file from 20 to 30 characters (10.90); improved handling of ages where dates contain 'before', '1st quarter', etc (10.90); changed adoptions text from 'adopter' to 'adopting' (10.91); increased notepad entries from 30 to 99, added delete button and general layout improvements (10.91); renaming images from inside of Ezitree will now check images linked to family tree book and sources (10.92);  improved married names sometimes not appearing in the name index (10.92); added option to set woman's last name to husband in events after marriage in name change (10.92); default caption of females in multimedia now includes maiden name (10.92); added option in defaults to turn last name default on or off with new events (10.94); added Media Album function on display from main view window (10.94); improved Source Details in charts, biographies, etc by adding creation date (10.94); standardised data entry in group code field to be mixed case for all occurrences (10.95); improved adding of birth year when event age not present (10.95); flushed buffers and deleted temp file on main events window to prevent random errors (10.95); improved the method of calculating ages and birth year defaults (10.96); fixed Next & Prev buttons not enabled after adding second event (10.96); added cremated children in narrative family group chart (10.96); provided a read only data sharing version of Etw on the web for download (10.96); added Select button to Research Diary to allow quick display of a person with research items (10.98); Added tool tip to event sources in Event Details to show full Citation when 'moused over' (10.98); Improved display of tool tips on Main Window with data (sources) whenever tips turned off (10.98); Added option to save last 20 search criteria's in Find Basic for use in subsequent searches (10.98); Added option to identify & display a default signature image in multimedia & Event View (10.98); increase length of RefNo/Page field in Quick Sources from 60 to unlimited to match data file (10.98); added names of unlinked children, ancestors, etc, without web pages to index in web output (10.99); added details field with birth/death information plus included on reports in research diary (10.99).

Note that the above list contains enhancements only with bug fixes not shown.  Please contact us if you have a problem using Ezitree or you want to know if a bug you have found has been fixed.

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